Our partners

“Working with Julia is simply amazing and uncomplicated.

Not only 15 years of friendship but also the same style tastes bind us together!”

Natascha Wagner-Berger

“Goal-oriented, engaged and has a vision - this is how we got to know Julia Hoff.

With focus on quality and sustained enthusiasm is brought to the entire line of Favorite Kamer."

Julia Schliefsteiner &
Markus Niederfriniger

“With a passion for hand work and the desire to leave behind quality worth.

Live the sensual pleasures that are to be shared - that is Favorite Kamer.”

Stefan Monger

“We cherish the joy of working together with like-minded individuals, that are genuine and honest hand craftsmen who use and cherish local, regional raw materials.”
Birgit Felser &
Dagmar Laserer

“The Philosophie – traditional hand and work of value pared with modern creativity.

That`s what Favorite Kamer and the Draxlerei have in common.”

Günter Huber

“Favorite Kamer – old traditions – new forms – Café with soul and spirit – creative hand work and pleasure – a wonderful combination!”

Michael Weissensteiner